Ideal Geotech is a leading supplier of geotechnical solutions and soil testing to the building industry and civil construction sector.

Ideal Geotech has established itself as a strong competitor in the soil testing and geotechnical sector. Supported by our NATA accredited laboratory and along with our ISO 9001:2008 certification we provide market leading service to our clients.

Providing a broad range of field and laboratory testing services we have built our business around our clients requirements for cost effective and timely reporting. Our customers range from developers, large civil contractors and engineers through to project home builders and home owners.

Ideal's business model developed several years ago offering residential lot classifications to a large portion of the residential construction industry. With over 3,000 lot classifications completed annually Ideal has become the leading getotechnical provider to the residential construction industry. As the business grew so to did the team base and Ideal expanded into more civil type of projects and expanded it's field services and it's range laboratory testing. We work closely with engineers assisting to come up with solutions together.